A multi-piece collection showcasing the complex interplay between artistic and scientific realms 

Inspired by the sublimity of geological rock formations and mineral specimens, the 'Epoch' collection questions whether the beauty of nature can truly be reflected through stitch. It explores the complex interplay between artistic and scientific realms while visually interrogating the structures and strata between layers of rock. Combining Kumo, Ne-Maki and Ori Nui Shibori techniques with artisanal hand embroidery techniques creates a unique aesthetic which differs from piece to piece. This individuality and constant variation within these pieces is often unpredictable as the stitching is inspired and informed by the patterns within the fabric.

'Emerald' Epoch Collection  - Copy.jpg


Inspired by mineral specimens such as Emerald, Celestite and Apophyllite, this project demonstrates the links between art and geology. 'Emerald' uses bespoke, hand dyed Shibori fabric and both traditional and contemporary hand embroidery techniques.